Issues with "Azure Virtual Desktop | Custom image templates" scripts

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Hi Everyone, 


I have 2 issues with the new "Azure Virtual Desktop | Custom image templates" from the Portal:


1 - Scripts out of date and some not working as expected · Issue #111376 · MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs (git...

2- Own script to restart the VM while building without error on Packer? · Issue #111372 · MicrosoftDocs...


Basically the scripts are out of date (there a new ones in the github repo) and the language scripts automatically add a reboot to the template which fails the build.


I am not the best on json so I don't know how to create this from cmd line and that is why I am using the portal GUI.


Thanks for your help.



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@Dolinhas I don't think they keep the script links as 'always the latest' so if they update the CIT scripts (which you never know when) you have to go and change them. which makes Auto build a bit useless.  i always start from scratch when i do the script page. but i could be wrong be nice if somebody from the CIT could confirm this.