Issues with putting Hyphens in OUs in WVD deployment

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Hi all, hoping you can help.

I've deployed WVD today but i've had to do it without the specific OU because my domain contains a hyphen. This previously worked, anyone from product group shine some light on this please?


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@EllisG93 : Yes, it seems we were overly aggressive in our latest update in text validation. A new version of the Azure Marketplace offering should be pushed by the end of this week that will allow hypens back into OUs. Thanks for testing and reaching out!

@Christian_MontoyaThanks for replying!

Are you in PG for WVD?

We're looking to heavily utilise WVD moving forward, can we be kept in the loop for updates and potential GA please?

@EllisG93 : We will continue to make announcements on this channel and our blog, .