Issues with Office in WVD



We have an issue regards to Office 365 in WVD. We have a Windows Virtual Desktop environment which is running as a pooled VM ( Multi-Session Windows 10 Enterprise O.S). So one of the user installed Office and when he is trying to use we are getting an error. Please refer the screenshot for more information. Do I have to attach a Pro Plus License for the user to access the Office inside WVD? Please give me some suggestions or solution. Thanks

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Hello @gadmin285 



Yes you are correct you would need to ensure that the user has a license assigned that contains the shared computer activations license. This could be for example Microsoft 365 Premium. However it would be best for your WVD environment if you install it for all your WVDs otherwise you will get inconsistencies when jumping from one host to the next in the same pool. 


Be sure to check that you have the Reg key for shared computer activations configured as well. 




Thanks for the reply. I am assuming that this is an license issue. I will have to wait with my client to get his Office 365 pro plus license. I will update you again @WillSomerville