Issue with AV Redirection for Teams in WVD

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Hi Mates


I am using a Windows Virtual Desktop Personal machine. I deployed this using Fall 2019 method via power shell. I have a confusion and issue with this. In order to use Microsoft Teams I have gone ahead and used the commands to enable the audio and video redirection RDP properties via power shell. 


But I was still not able to make a video call in Teams. So I opened mstsc in my local machine and went to local resources and selected drive, port, smart cards, video capture device etc after doing this I was able to use teams and make video calls inside Windows virtual desktop. But I am doing this continuously. I think every time I stop and start my local machine these settings are erased I guess.

Is there any way I can avoid this and make teams and local redirection work all the time? Check the mstsc screenshot I am doing it every time.



I hope if Teams work Cisco web ex and google meets also should work. Also do I have to follow the AV redirection which is generally available?


Any suggestions or inputs will be great help.


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Check this conversation thread out regarding the redirection topic. I put some details in regarding how I have my rdp setup. It can take some time for the rdp changes to propagate.


Here is a post with details regarding drive redirection I had with Outlook webapp, no replies to it but I updated the convo thread. Essentially same thing, I needed to wait.


Are you using the Microsoft Remote Desktop App to access your WVD?


Hope this is of some help!