Is there has a solution to setting a dynamic Host pool load-balancing methods

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I want to change the host pool load-balancing methods from Breadth-first to Depth-first at 5 PM ~8 AM every day.

Is there someone who knows something about this?

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@Arthur_wang : Depending on the complexity of the solution, you may be able to start with the scaling script described here in the Windows Virtual Desktop docs: . This turns on/off VMs as they're being used throughout the day. To use this for your scenario of switching load balancer type, you can add extra logic to the peak load balancing parameters to also switch the load balancer type once it hits one of those defined times (5 pm and 8 am).


Otherwise, if it's extremely simple and you only need to switch the type (and not do further scaling), you could setup an Azure Runbook. You would need to import the PowerShell module, then follow the steps here to do the PowerShell steps: .


Hope that gets you started in the right direction!

@Christian_MontoyaThanks so much. It works well with Azure Automation.