Is there an easy way to check user permissions?

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I have setup Windows Virtual Desktop several times now and finally have something that I would like to use and demo to users.
However, after some tidying up of AppGroups and Hostpools, I am a bit stuck.
I have published Apps which I can access without a problem. However, the full desktop repeatedly asks me to login. The Apps are on one Hostpool and the desktop is on another.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot this?
How can I check user access?
My account is in both the AppGroups associated with the Hostpools.

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@Paul Shadwell : Can you clarify what you mean by "repeatedly asks me to login"? When connecting to an app group from one host pool and then a session desktop in another, they are different VMs, so you have to enter your credentials again. Is this what you mean?