Is the "Remote Desktop" software needed in session host servers?


When I created a host pool I noticed the "Remote Desktop" client is installed in the servers.

  • Is that done automatically?
  • Is it needed? 
  • Should I update it?
  • Will it disconnect people if I update it? 





Thanks for any advice

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Can you please share what image did you use?

@Soo Kuan Teo 


It was just the latest Windows 10 multi-session O365 Office image. I don't recall exactly but that was what I picked since we needed O365 Office installed and multi-session. 

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@Jgq85 I have not seen this before and it shouldn't be installed. Are you sure it isn't pushed by any GPO or management solution such as MEM?

Ok thanks. I have no idea. It's possible it got pushed somehow. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't needed and had to match the client's version connecting or something weird like that.