Is possible to place a shared folder as remote app?

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A customer is trying to avoid the remote desktop sessions, he would like to use the remote apps as much as possible, but he asked me to allow his users to explore a file server without using a terminal session.

I know it's possible to set a GPO to place the remote disks as a user/computer config, but when the customer wants to avoid the session, don't know how to gather that contents.


Anyone can advise me, please?

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Hi @Fabian Alberto Campo Henriquez


actually you can reference the explorer.exe and point it with parameters to the share you prefer. 

Additionally I´ve heard from one of my clients that they referenced a Powershell script with the icon of the explorer.exe to open a specific file location on the network.  


Maybe you can try this solution.. 


Let me know if I can support you furthermore!