Is it possible to configure Uni-directional Clipboard Redirection for WVD

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In some cases, we may need to set uni-directional clipboard redirection where we may need to restrict the client to WVD clipboard redirection or WVD to client clipboard redirection.


Can we have the possibility to block data copy out the Windows Virtual Desktop session to the local client but allowing the user to copy from a local client to WVD Session. 


Following RDP file settings we will be able to either
- 0: Clipboard on local computer isn't available in remote session
- 1: Clipboard on local computer is available in remote session


But this will fulling block or alow clipboard both direction not uni-directional


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thanks for your feedback. WVD/RDP only support full block/unblock clipboard redirection.

@Soo Kuan Teo 


Yes, this is exactly what it does, but I'm looking for a workaround that will help my customer to get their needs from such a solution, at least 3rd party solution that can help to get the content into WVD Session and blocking Getting data out of WVD Session. 

@Mahmoud A. Atallah 


Please mention any known third party in which we can achieve uni-direction clipboard copy.