iPad unable to connect WVD

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@Eva Seydl @David Belanger @Christian Montoya 

Recently my iPad can't connect the WVD through RD Client, but I can use WVD through a web browser of iPad.

By the way, the software version of iPad is 13.2.3, and the version of the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is 9.4.0 (3073). 

Can you help me to check this problem?


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Get the same error on iphone

@null null Access to WVD is only available using the new iOS client which is in process of releasing to the Store. Should be version 10.0.0 or above. In the meantime, you can test the beta version from https://aka.ms/rdiosbeta


@David Belanger 

Thanks so much for your reply.

The WVD works well after I reset my iPad and install the WVD client again.

By the way, all people use the standard iPad (Version 13.2.3) in our office, but we found WVD Client could works well in some iPad, and some iPad couldn’t connect to WVD (Version 10.0.1 (3092)).

Is there has some other ways to resolve this problem except resetting the iPad.

Thanks so much.