iOS app beta for WVD enabled Apple rdiOSbeta app now says it is "full"

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Hi all, I am setting up WVD for a company where there are five iPad users who need it and were told by me that it was supported. The recommended iOS rdiOSbeta app worked on my phone a few weeks ago. But now when I go to install it on the end user's ipad, I get a "This beta is full" message. Yikes!  Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to make the released iOS RD app work with WVD.  I'm in trouble here.  Thank you for any help.


Description of the app beta that used to be available:



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@Raymond Smith 

This just worked for me:


Once I had Testflight installed, i had to click step 2 twice from the mobile browser to get it working.


1. On your iOS device, visit

2. Download the Apple TestFlight app from the iOS App Store

3. Head back to the page from Step 1 (above) on your browser and select select Start Testing under the label Step 2 Join the Beta.

4. Accept the invitation on the TestFlight page you are redirect to and install the Beta client.

5. Open the Beta client and add your remote resource feed just as you would on other clients.