Intune Single-app, full screen kiosk with Remote Desktop as the app - won't run

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In Intune we're setting up a single-app kiosk, using the Remote Desktop app from the Microsoft store.  Connecting to AVD...  This is for Win10, on Dell hardware (not thin client or anything).  These devices are using a self-deploying profile for Autopilot and joining AAD, enrolling in Intune.


It all seems to work, the Remote Desktop Client app launches at start and we can sign into RDC as an AAD user to subscribe to a feed.  But it won't run the remote apps... get a flash of red screen.  Occasionally on attempts to run the remote app the screen will show an "we're unable to start your app" 80004005 error...

If I log in as a global admin I can run it just fine... it's just under the Kiosk account.  Any ideas?

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