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Is there an Install mode with Azure Windows VDI? Do you just log in as an administrator and Install programs for everyone?

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@Eric Fehnthe backend systems are essentially traditional VMs in the IaaS and you can use any of the myriad of application deployment techniques available for normal systems.  If you wish to use the Remote Apps style access, you can add an App to an App Group easily if it puts a shortcut on the start menu of the server; just ensure the App is installed to all the systems of the same Host Pool.

@KitSMFX I would like to log in to the other WVD servers and install the software but I cant. It seems I can only remote into the first one. Even if I install a network interface and open port 3389, whenever I remote in I always get a message that the server cant be found. What is the best way to remote into the other servers?