Insights - Connection time unrealistic

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for a while now AVD Insights strangely reports that some users would have been 24 hours per day (or more) connected to a virtual desktop, however as my own account is one of these I can assure you this is not true. For example Insights -> Utilization -> Top 10 users by connection time lists my account to have been connected for 16 days, even though the selected time range is only 14 days :)


This behaviour is messing up some useful reports from Insights. Any idea what´s the logic behind the calculations for connection time and what user could do to mess the calculations up? It kind of seems that my session connection time has sometime been started but never ended as planned, hence it is still calculating 24h/day connection time for my account. I always log off from the sessions and we have the suggested GPO:s and automations to handle disconnected sessions (every one hour disconnect sessions, that have been in disconnected state for over 30 minutes) implemented.


Thanks in advance for your time!


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