Improved Call Quality and Reliability in Teams on AVD and W365


The biggest problem we’ve heard from customers is the call quality and reliability of Teams on AVD & W365 is lacking. To address these concerns, we’ve spent the past 6 months working hard to bring the next evolution of the calling stack used in Teams on AVD & W365. The video call quality is much improved and allows access up to 720p video resolution for all incoming streams (if the network connection and screen resolution allows). Video call quality has also been improved on constrained networks at lower resolutions. Audio is also upgraded and is more resilient and works better on constrained networks. The reliability improvements have resulted in fewer dropped calls and significantly fewer black screens for incoming videos and during screensharing. 


The new calling stack is available to the public today, Friday December 10, 2021. This is a backend change so the Teams app you have will work but requires a recent version of WebRTC Redirector service. 


The latest version of the WebRTC Redirector Service (version 1.4.2111.18001) also has numerous installer and connection reliability improvements. In addition, you can now control the meeting, ringtone, and notification volume from the host VM! The volume control feature requires version 1.2.2459 or later of the Windows Desktop client.


The team is hard at work bringing even more exciting features coming to Teams on AVD & W365 in Q1, 2022. Stay tuned!

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@Chi_Owunwanne I'm looking for a latest article on this topic. Customer looking for a best practice article. Its basic knowledge that OS required 4GB and MS Teams required for better quality calls. Unfortunately, i could not find any official article.