Important: New Changes in Required URLs


This is an update that relates to all Azure Virtual Desktop customers. We are implementing changes to the required URLs.


Currently, you should have six URLs allowed for agent traffic. Please see the image below highlighting these six URLs.




We have created a new all-encompassing agent traffic URL that you need to allow, as eventually we will no longer be supporting those six URLs.


We have already started supporting the new URL, so please allow it as soon as you can.


The new required URL is:





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Does this apply to Azure Government too?

Will this new URL be added to a Service Tag?

Great question. There is a separate new URL for the government cloud. You still need to replace the six active Agent Traffic URLs.

The government URL is:
This URL has already been added to the Azure Monitor service tag. It's a broader service tag but there will eventually be an updated, more specific tag. There is no target date for that service tag's creation at this time.
So to be clear within an Azure Firewall setup the WVD Service Tag would not include this new URL?

@DBR14 Great question. You are correct. The new URL uses the AzureMonitor service tag. The updated documentation is found at this link Azure Virtual Desktop required URL list - Azure | Microsoft Docs