I keep having fslogix profile errors

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i have an environment with 2 servers in the same host pool and one apps server for published apps in a different host pool.


My settings are Profile type = 3 and outlook cached mode = 0  localtempfile = 3





the problem I have is that when turning on outlook cached mode I get an error from users that there outlook ost file is out of date, so I have turned off outlook caching by setting outlook cached mode to 0

I have the profiles on an azure smb file share in a storage container.

I keep getting these errors in the microsoft fslogix operational event log

Mirror error: C:\Users\ctpefehn\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Credentials -> C:\Users\local_ctpefehn1\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Credentials (The directory or file cannot be created.)

Mirror error: C:\Users\ctpefehn\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Protect -> C:\Users\local_ctpefehn1\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Protect (The directory or file cannot be created.)


In the event viewer log for microsoft>smb client I get these errors


Failed to reconnect a persistent handle.


Error: The network path cannot be located.


FileId: 0x65F003B6:0xFFFFFFFF00000051

CreateGUID: {c28ea58e-8e6b-11ec-b6aa-00224846d7d0}

Path: \smswvdprofiles.file.core.windows.net\fxlogix\UserProfiles\S-1-5-21-1205707476-1692113620-969112788-4277_username\RW.vhd


Reason: Smb2DiagReasonDns


Previous reconnect error: The network path cannot be located.

Previous reconnect reason: Smb2DiagReasonDns


A request on persistent/resilient handle failed because the handle was invalid or it exceeded the timeout.


Status: The network path cannot be located.


Type: Lock control

Path: \smswvdprofiles.file.core.windows.net\fxlogix\UserProfiles\S-1-5-21-1205707476-1692113620-969112788-5153_username\RW.vhd

Restart count: 0



In the smb client security error log I get these errors


The SMB client failed to connect to the share.


Error: {Access Denied}

A process has requested access to an object, but has not been granted those access rights.


Path: \smswvdprofiles.file.core.windows.net\fxlogix



Does anyone know why I keep getting these errors?


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Hi Eric! thanks for the post... We're having similar issues. Did you ever get a solution? thank you