I have a few questions about MSIX app provisioning

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I'm hoping to learn more about MSIX Packages, specifically how they are provisioned for users.


Is this done at the computer or the user account level?


Is it possible to use group membership to delegate which MSIX packages a user receives, as well as layer different package bundles if a user is a member of multiple groups?


I would like to make packages that consist of department-specific software, there are however several cases where a user is a member of multiple departments and would need access to the application stack from more then one.



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@GawainX MSIX packages are registered per user. Currently there is no mechanism to do assignment of application per user/usergoup. Please taka a look at to see what can be done today. Once we have the WVD UI for managing MSIX we will support user/usergroups. Multiple version of the same application can be delivered for the same user as long as the application published is unique. 

Thank you for explaining that, do you happen to know if there is an eta or roadmap reguarding UI access for WVD provisioning?

@GawainX Its too early for us to have an educated answer. It will all be guessing at this stage.