HTML5 RD Client and WAP

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Hi all,

I am trying to get the HTML gateway to work outside my organisation. I can access it fine, but when it comes to logging in with the HTML5 client it sits there and does nothing, like it's trying to log me in. I know WAP isn't supported, but I though that was for SSO and not basic authentication?

I have allowed access outside the network and made no difference. I cannot see anything in event viewer to suggest errors either

Please help!



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I have tried internally and all works ok - could something be blocking my sign-in externally?

@ctreslovehayes : Can you confirm if you're testing with the Windows Virtual Desktop web client or the Windows Server RDS web client?



It is the Windows Server RDS web client. I have had it confirmed on technet that it does not work with WAP. 

Correct, Windows Server RDS does not support WAP.