How to use RemoteApp in Win10 kiosk mode

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Hello there,


Sorry for weird English.


I have some Surface Go 2/3 with kiosk mode set by Intune.

And I make Remote Desktop(msrdc.exe/msrdcw.exe) the only two programs that can run in kiosk mode.


With this configuration, I can see the RemoteApp I assigned in Remote Desktop Connection Center(msrdcw.exe).

But I get a wrong screen picture, which have lots of unusual blank area, when opening and accessing the RemoteApp.

For example of a wrong screen picture, I can click a button while not seeing it.


For comparison, this RemoteApp works totally fine when I disable kiosk mode.

I guess there are some unknown dependency I should put into the kiosk setting.


Does anyone know something about such use case?

Any opinion will be grateful.

Thanks the community, and thanks for this discussion.

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A quick answer:
Do not hide Windows Taskbar in kiosk mode.

I guess my RemoteAPP application has some resolution adapting issue.
Anyway problem solved.