How to use Microsoft 365 Premium License for WVD?

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Hi, I'm having a tough time finding out how to get going with this.  I have a small business with Microsoft 365 Premium licenses and would like to get virtual desktops going for people working remotely.


From what I can tell, I need to go into the Azure Portal and set it up there, because there is no mention of it in the Office Portal.  The problem is that the only subscription I have is my "Access to Azure Active Directory" and it doesn't let me set it up under that one.  So I created a new "Pay As You Go" subscription.


I can create a host group and virtual desktop under that new subscription, but I can't figure out how to link it to my 365 license so that I don't get additional charges.  Every time I spin up a VM I start getting charged, but it is supposed to be included with my 365 Premium license.


Has anyone figured out how to navigate this?  I'm lost.


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