How to update WVD Scaling tool to latest published version


Below are the steps to update the Azure automation-based scaling tool located here to latest version


  1. Access below link and copy the content of basicScale.ps1 code into a clipboard

  1. Login to the Azure portal
  2. In the Azure portal, select All services. In the list of resources, enter and select Automation Accounts.
  3. On the Automation Accounts page, select the name of Automation account where you have the scaling tool hosted
  4. Click on Runbooks under Process Automation section on the left hand side pane.
  5. Click on PowerShell Runbook named “WVDAutoScaleRunbook”
  6. Click on Edit from the top pane
  7. Replace the existing code with one from Step 1
  8. Click “Save” and “Publish

New code will come into effect from next run of the runbook based on recurrence interval you have scheduled.

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@Roop_Kiran_Chevuri  I was not able to create the Logic app in Spring Update as per Article- . Can you help me to create the same in Spring Update?