How to trigger VM start when user logs into WVD portal

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We have implemented automation/runbooks to shutdown idle VMs in the WVD environment. 


Now we would like some sort of mechanims to start a VM related to a specific user when he needs it.

Our first idea was to forward Azure AD logs (it is logged when a user logs into WBVD) to an Event Hub and use an Azure function/Logic apps to start the correct VM.   Another idea was to publish a simple web application, make it available in myapps and have the user initiate the VM start. 


Any other ideas/suggestion on how to solve this in an elegant way? 


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@Thomas Aure : Thanks for the patience. At the moment, forwarding Azure AD logs may be the most effective way since our Diagnostics has a lag time.


The MyApps also sounds like a good approach, especially if:

1. You are assigning personal desktops to them

2. Want to put the burden on them to turn on/off the VM

However, if you want to give them that control, you may just have a shortcut to the Azure VM itself (and create a specific role) allowing them to start/stop the Azure VM without too much custom code?