How to set up license - Windows Server 2016 - RDS Client Access License (CAL)

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On it states the following:


First, make sure you have the appropriate licenses for your users based on the desktop and apps you plan to deploy:

Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019RDS Client Access License (CAL) with Software Assurance


Is there any information as to how a setup for licensing WVD with a Win Serv 2016 with traditional RDS Client Access Licenses? Do we need a standard RDS Licensing server, and if so, how do we set up licensing to the RDSH server using WVD?

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@andersidahl I think all this really means is owning the CAL licenses.  If you have 30 RDS users, you should budget for 30 RDS CALs.  That is merely a guess though.

@andersidahl : We have initial/general documentation for setting up a license server with CALs: .


It looks like we're missing a step on how to set up licensing specifically for Windows Virtual Desktop, so thank you for the feedback!