How to set download location to Onedrive for Business or Sharepoint Online

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Hey guys

we have an AVD environment Win11 Multiuser / Pooled, where we work with M365 F3 Licenses. All seems to work but we want to have a better user experience when downloading Excel Files from their business application.


Sometimes the users need to be able to download that excel exports and edit them as well as save them to Sharepoint Online.


I'm trying to find a way to set the Edge download location accordingly. My way is to install the Onedrive for Business Client and sync the Documents folder to Onedrive and set the download location to the users document path.


As i found out that is causing me issues with the auto sign-in to Onedrive client, which isn't working anymore after a relogin.


Is there a way without the Onedrive client?


Many thanks for your help.


Best regards


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Are you considering SharePoint Online and no sycn through OneDrive?

yes, thats the way i would like to go