How to over-ride default route to another region, so that AVD/RDP traffic stays local to region?

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I'm setting up an AVD Host Pool in Southeast Asia, for local users, but I need to set a default route on the Hostpool network so that all network traffic is routed via a peered VNet with our Azure Firewall located in West Europe (for Internet filtering, access to West Europe Systems, and also onwards to our on-prem systems in Europe).


Now, I don't want the AVD/RDP traffic to be routed from SEA to West Europe and back to the users in Asia due to this default route - as this will kill the latency/performance of their connection.


So, how do I configure a route to over-ride this default route for just the AVD/RDP traffic - so that goes out the local SEA Region's Microsoft Backbone directly to the users?


I presume I need to create a route on the Hostpool network for the WindowsVirtualDesktop service tag - but I am not sure what to set the next hop type and destination boxes to. Is this correct, and if so, how should I configure it?


Further, I note from this doc - that there are a bunch of other services that AVD requires access to. Do I also need to route these out locally instead of allowing them to go via the default route to West Europe?

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