how to logon to an individual WVD server

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We have a pilot of Azure Windows Virtual Desktop. I installed some programs and i want to be sure that I can remote into the other servers to see if the programs are installed there also. I stopped the first server and have only the second server running. I cant login. I get a message that the gateway cant be contacted. When I attach a network interface to the second server and open port 3389, I still can't remote into the second server. I can't remote in with the name or the private ip address. What is the best way to remote into the individual servers.     

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@Eric FehnI ran into this issue also with my first deployment. When you click on your virtual machine in the list of options, there is Diagnose and Sole Problems. One of the troubleshooting tools is "Cannot Connet to VM". This should provide you with a place to start. I couldn't connect to my private IP either. The tool stated that all "Inbound ports" are denied. So in my network security group I created inbound ports to 3389 to my private ip and virtual network allowing any from source. That still did not work for me. I then created a public nic and assigned it and that didn't work. I'm still troubleshooting, but at least you may want with the Diagnose and solve problems if you hadn't yet. Hope this helps.

@Wes1879  thanks wes to be specific i can always log into the first server in my deployment but never the second.