How to install SQL Server in WVD personal pooled machines?

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My clients need to install SQL Sever in their WVD Personal machines. I didn't find any documentation to follow the steps. Also WVD machines wont have a public IP. How can I achieve this? Any suggestions or work arounds will be much appreciated.  Please help.

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@gadmin285 I am not sure if SQL Server supports Windows 10 multi-session, if not you can just publish a normal Windows 10 dedicated VM to the users in WVD and install it the way you would do on any other desktop. WVD is just the broker, Win 10 is still the OS. 


As for the internet access no, the desktop must be accessed by using WVD.  Not sure why you would want to connect directly to a public IP??


If you absolutely had to it then you could probably use Azure Load Balancer of Azure Firewall to host a public IP, then forward that traffic to the private IP of the WVD Desktop. But its a bit messy :)



Hey Neil

Thanks, for your suggestions. I have successfully deployed SQL Server. I deployed WVD for 4 users and created a separate machine which I later domain joined it and installed a SQL Server in this machine. After setting this up, we installed SQL Management studio in 4 WVD's and allowed the SQL ports in NSG. Thanks for your reply and helpful suggestions. @Neil McLoughlin