How to identify the session/pool if I am granted access in multiple sessions?

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I am currently having access to 3 pools and when I logged into the browser I see 3 icons and all three reads session desktop, how to identify that?

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@manideepkarnati : If you connect to PowerShell as an admin, you can query your host pools and see which one has active user sessions:


Get-RdsHostPool -TenantName <tenantName> | foreach { Get-RdsUserSession -TenantName <tenantName> -HostPoolName $_.HostPoolName }


Also, if you would like to differentiate those more, you can change the name for each host pool that appears on the feed. For each host pool, you would run the command:


Set-RdsRemoteDesktop -TenantName <tenantName> -HostPoolName <hostPoolName> -AppGroupName "Desktop Application Group" -FriendlyName <hostPoolName>