how to choose the auto scale method between dynamically and Start/Stop VMs during off-hours

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Background:  One hostpool with 10 vms

Goal: to reduce costs

Setting: peak hours: 8:00AM~18:00PM


1, use scaling session host dynamically

2, use Start/Stop VMs during off-hours solution



1, Which method should I choose? why?

2, How host pool load-balancing methods of Dynamically changes? Will it change through vms start?

May I set the hostpool session Load Balancing schedules different to peak usage schedule as below:

<!-- Hostpool session Load Balancing Type -->
<Variable Name="PeakLoadBalancingType" Value="DepthFirst"/>
<Variable Name="OffPeakLoadBalancingType" Value="BreadthFirst"/>
<!-- session Load Balancing Peak Hours -->
<Variable Name="sessionLoadBalancingPeakHours" Value="8:00-17:00"/>
<!-- session Load Balancing off Peak Hours -->
<Variable Name="sessionLoadBalancingOffPeakHours" Value="17:00-8:00"/>


<!-- Begin of the peak usage time -->
<Variable Name="BeginPeakTime" Value="08:00:00"/>
<!-- End of the peak usage time -->
<Variable Name="EndPeakTime" Value="18:00:00"/>

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