How to calculate concurrent users count in Azure Virtual Desktop

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We are using AVD and used Log Analytics to monitor the sessions host and complete AVD environment. Recently we had a requirement to see the Concurrent users count for the respective workspace. I don't see such option available out of the box, Can you guys help me how to get the same. 


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@Loganathan Venkatesan  

Some basic information in WVD can be monitored through Azure portal WVD blade and using PowerShell command lets. However, integrating with Azure log analytics and Azure monitor allow you to access deep-dive analytical data from log analytics queries or Azure monitor dashboards. Following are some examples of monitoring information.

  • Session details such as connected users, duration, and their state
  • Number of hosts, active users for each host
  • Management and admin activities
  • Hosts performance, CPU Memory, and Disk usage
  • Errors on session connectivity, host issues
  • User analytics such as the number of users connected the last 24 hours, last 7 days, their duration, peak time, etc.

Before monitoring, it is obvious you should have an up and running WVD environment, and you should have at least Monitoring Contributor, Log Analytics Contributor, and Security Administrator permissions access to all WVD components. I’m using Subscription owner to make things simpler. Let’s discuss everything related to WVD monitoring in the following manner.

  1. Create Azure Log Analytics workspace
  2. Integrate with WVD Components
  3. Deploy Log analytics agent from Azure monitor
  4. Configuring performance counters
  5. Deploy Azure WVD workbook
  6. Running custom queries from Azure monitor.
  7. Creating your own dashboard

you can refer this URL which explains how to implement Terminalworks Blog | Monitoring Windows Virtual Desktop using Azure Log Analytics and Azure Monitor