How to apply RDS CAL license in WVD



Basically, in Windows Virtual Desktop we add the license in AAD, we go into the users and under the licenses section we add the necessary licenses to the desired user. For Multi-session windows 10 and O 365, we add the E3, E5 and also Office 365 Pro Plus licenses. So my question is if we take a windows server for WVD, where should we buy the RDS CAL license and how do we attach it to the user? what is the process?

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@gadmin285 did you ever get an answer to this? I imagine a subscription based CAL via a CSP is the way to go but not 100% sure. 

I actually raised a support ticket and they helped me out. This is straight forward process @HoundDogZA 

@gadmin285 May I know the process. As we in the middle of POC & wants to check how RDS CAL will work with users having E1 license.