How satisfied are you with Custom Image Templates (Preview)?


Custom Image Templates feature is out for two months now - see announcement blog post here. We are interested in your experience and feedback. Take the opportunity to share with us what you still miss in terms of functionality: 


Survey will be closing by end of week. 

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You have still a chance to participate to make the feature working best for you!
HI Eva, i was involved with he private preview, and gave a lot of feedback. one thing that caught us out is that we were duplicating templet every month, but if you guys had done script updates we weren't getting the latest as we were duplicating. it would be good if your latest scripts were updated to the same URLS not sure if this is possible, so as it stands each month we basically start from scratch to make sure we are using the latest. Also i think any of the applications should have the option to install latest or older version from the drop down as our change process might not align with what you (Microsoft) think we should be using. Hope this helps. please feel free to reach out to me.