How many users can run the Remote app (AVD) hosted on Standard_D4s_v3 of 2 VMs with 5 session each?

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I have setup a AVD Standard_D4s_v3 of 2 VMs with 5 session each and the app which is required to setup as Remote App requires 2GB RAM and A dual core processor to run. How many user can access the Remote App on this setup?

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when you only have one App that requires 2GB of RAM then I guess with D4s 6 User can be possible

Thanks @tommykneetz. I think your reply is for single VM of D4s with only one session. Please confirm again. I did mention 2 VMs with Session in each of D4s.

Hi then I am not sure if I understood it correctly... You have 2 systems both with 16GB RAM... when you have an app that need 2GB then I expect you can have 6 Users per Host = 12 User in total..

Thanks for the reply @tommykneetz. I am really sorry for the misunderstanding due to my typo. I wanted to say  2 VMs of Standard_D4s_v3 with 5 session each. Would it be 6 Users per Host = 12 X 5 = 60?

Thanks a lot.

5 session each > for me a session is a user that is logedin to a host.. wenn a User starts an app and your app need 2GB RAM that 12/2 = 6 User per Host. So only 12 User can login to both D4s Hosts in total