How do you assign App/Desktop Groups to a AD group instead of individuals users?

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Is this not available? How do you manage 100+ users? 

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Regarding management of the desktop pool, Microsoft has a mgmt module available on their Github page:


For adding/removing users, PowerShell is your friend (until the management page is released), written a short script for you based on the cmdlet here:

Add-RDsAccount -DeploymentUrl ""
$Users = Get-Content .\Users.txt
$WVDTenantName = "Type your tenant name here"
$HostPoolName = "Type your host pool name here"
$DesktopUserGroup = "Type your Desktop user group name here"
Foreach($User in $Users){
Add-RdsAppGroupUser -TenantName $WVDTenantName -HostPoolName $HostPoolName -AppGroupName $DesktopUserGroup -UserPrincipalName $User

Nice. I wonder if there's a way to pull the user list directly from an AD group. But this gives me hope. Thank you.
Check the scripts written by Travis Roberts (Ciraltos):

He has scripts to do this (AddAppUsers-FromADGroup.ps1)
PS: check out his videos too, very informative!
Excellent. Thank you. Just what I was looking for.