How do I give users access to both Desktop and RemoteApps?

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If a user is in a RemoteApp group it doesn't allow me to add this user to the Desktop Application Group ("The specified UserPrincipalName(s) is already assigned to a Desktop AppGroup in the specified HostPool").


So what's the best way (or any way) to give a user access to both a RemoteApp and Desktop app groups?



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@tilikumtim : To give a user access to both desktops and RemoteApps, you will need two separate host pools. We have heard feedback to allow this within a single host pool, but there are multiple things we would need to iron out through the service and the clients to ensure a seamless experience if you transition between the two experiences.

Hi @Christian_Montoya 

Is there any news about this?

We're planning to migrate an application actually using RDS to WVD and the users are actually using a remoteapp OR the desktop depending on the need. We cannot use different pools because of the application design.

I can "force" them to use always the desktop but it would be more elegant to permit both accesses to a single user.

Are there plans to permit both accesses?

Thank you

@setadini : We're investigating, but don't have anything planned for the near term (being at least the next 3 months). In general, we haven't supported this in Windows Server RDS either, so throughout our stack it's a larger change, so is not a quick thing to add in our service.

Checking if there is any update on this. 

@SubodhPatil18 : This is not something we are planning for the near term. Please post as a UserVoice suggestion (or upvote) so we can track the request: .