How do I force WVD to route a connecting user to a disconnected session he has on host x?

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The background is that I want my users to be able to loose the connection and still have the session available at the RDS side for a few hours. I want to cover scenarios like computer going to sleep etc and still keep any partial work. I also use FSLogix profile shares to hide the fact that users can end up on one of many session hosts.


I get this to work with a single session host. WVD then picks the only available session host and the disconnected user session is automatically used.


When I add a second session host, it seems that WVD does not care that the user already has a session on session host x and happily routes the user to session host y. (Where a completely new session is created - Adding to the problem, the profile share on FSLogix is locked by the disconnected session - a local profile on the machine is created after a timeout - this breaks my shared profile approach)


How can I force WVD to route users with disconnected sessions to the disconnected session?

How can i configure FSLogix to fail the session rather than falling back to local profiles?






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@Johan_Eriksson So basically you're asking for what Citrix is calling "Auto Client Reconnect" ?


I was hoping this would be a native function in WVD. This is quite important.

@Ola Holtberget I also had hoped it was supported. 

I hope I am just lacking some simple configuration step. 

Otherwise I will have to terminate sessions on any kind of disconnection such computer going to sleep which will lead to a worse user experience. Or I could possibly get a MUCH bigger session host and have just one, if this really is a WVD limitation.

@Ola Holtberget To be clear: I can accept another login - But I want WVD to connect the the existing session host x, not create a new one on host y in addition to the one in disconnected state on host x. 

Odd, it seems that WVD understands that the disconnected session exists because it re-uses the same SessionId, but it sends the connection to "the wrong" session host y when the disconnected session with that SessionId exists on session host x. I end up with two sessions with the same SessionId for the same user. (One on host x and the other on host y)

@Johan_Eriksson Also running into the same issue. If a user disconnects for any reason, when attempting to reconnect, they get assigned a new session host as opposed to taking over their existing disconnected session. I have replicated this to happen every single disconnect/reconnect attempt.

By default FSLogix and WVD configured to reconnect to original session and rw access to the profile. I would imagine if you look at program data of vm that there is a profile issue listed in profile log. Usually the issue is permissions related for the container share.