How can we configure Eclipse on windows virtual desktop?

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Hi team,


one of our customer want to deploy windows virtual desktop for developer users and they want to install Eclipse on WVD but when we configured it users are saving the path of workspace in C drive and when they move to other vm they are unable to see the data , as it is local path.. for temp solution we have asked them to user portable version of eclipse and user will run the tool and save workspace path my-documents and they are able to work.


need your support on solution , can we configure App attach or any other way to host Eclipse on WVD 

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Hello @phani575 


What is the path it is saving to exactly?? If it is saving to the users profile i.e. c:\users\firstname.lastname then I would recommend deploying FSLogix for user profile management. 


Also ensure that the application is installed in your master image.  There also maybe configuration settings in the application to force the users workspace to be saved to the users profile.