Hostpool is spining up new vm rather than connecting user to multi session windows 10 desktop

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I have a hostpool with a couple users in it, and it was working fine last week. This morning, the user complained that their apps were not there and it looks as though multiple new vm's were spun up rather than connecting him to the original windows 10 multi user desktop. Is there a setting on the hostpool I should be checking? I turned off the two new vm's that were spun up, and had him reconnect and he is back to the original host, so my user is good now. I am just trying to avoid this in the future.

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@richiewrt: Looks like you might have multiple admins on your side eventually managing those VMs? The Windows Virtual Desktop Service doesn't manage VMs.  Please review admin access.

Nope, just myself and one other user has access, and the other admin hasn't touched anything regarding WVD. That is why I am so baffled.

@richiewrt : Just to follow-up on Eva's comment, there is nothing that we do within our system that manages Azure resources. If you recall, we do ask for the Azure Subscription ID as part of creating the tenant, but that is just for notification of service outages.


If you look at the Azure resource group with the new VMs, you should be able to track Deployments and you may even be able to see which user account triggered that Deployment in the Activity Log of the resource group.

If new VMs were spun up and i suspect it would be scaleup script which you configured for auto shutdown and auto start of the session servers? as scaler VM where you configure task scheduler. is that configured in your environment? If you are not using scaling script then new VMs cannot be deployed automatically by WVD and manual intervention is needed for such type of deployment. @richiewrt