Hosting AVD

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Will B2B Guest accounts ever be supported in AVD?  If B2B Guest accounts were supported in AVD, hosting for customers would be simplified significantly.  Hosting AVD in a customers tenant is NOT optimal as a certain amount of risk is required in order to manage the customers Azure Active Directory for at least user and group management.


Will "Azure AD only" ever be supported in AVD?  Additional resources for AD and AADC are not optimal as it requires a significant amount of additional configuration, complexity and cost.  Logging into AVD with AAD and then logging into the desktop/apps with AD is not an optimal design.  Having to manage the additional resources and configuration could be alleviated by supporting AAD only.


The above two features would help significantly simplify the deployment/management and support a broader customer base by not requiring integration with the customers tenant.  Hosting would be as simple as setting up a new tenant and adding customers via B2B.




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