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Using IaaS AD with AAD enabled.  Users have UPN for WVD in Spring release.  On premise accounts are in OUs where I have both the host vm and the user accounts.  I have WVD using pooled vms, I think that's how to describe it.  So GPOs apply to one host computer in the OU.  Then I am trying to get user level GPOs to apply to the accounts configured to sign into the VMs.  

I must be missing some things because settings seem to apply on my administrator account signed into the VM directly using RDP, but for remote users with no local account access.  The desktop users are normal domain users.  What ever I set in user policies, it's not showing up when I am logged in using one of these user accounts coming in via WVD remote desktop application.

The desktop lockdown and control panel lockdown, just isn't applying.

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@dygitalsilver Policies started showing up for the users.  Just took longer than I expected.