HELP Azure Virtual Desktop AVD/WVD UK South Disconnect Issues

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We have been experiencing disconnects in AVD every day for the past 3 weeks now. We are in the UK south DC.


I see lots of other reports of similar issues in UK south is anyone else on here getting the same issues ?

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I don't have an answer but interested - what does a disconnect look like? You are working away and then get an error? Does an immediate reconnect work? Multi-session or personal VM? or both?

I'm seeing the same for UK South AVD deployment.
Our env is a Multi-session pool, session hosts are in UK south.. updated the end-user Remote desktop client (Win10) and observed the agent is running the latest version:1.0.3719.1700
I've also configured the autoreconnection value.. but the problem still persists, users are complaining about constant disconnects.
How frequent are the disconnects?

Any clues in the event log?

Raised a support case?


No longer an on issue.


Thanks, if you find the fix I'd be interested to know as we will have a similar setup soon.




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We have  a similar problem with AVD in UK South with about 400 users.  Over 30-40%% are getting constant disconnections, in some cases up to 10 per day each.  Log analytics tells me in the last 24 hours nearly 1100.  I've had a case open with Microsoft for a few months but there's been very little movement from them.


Are you any closer to a resolution?  Its an embarrassing situation to be in.


I suggest hammering the support contact for updates and emphasise the urgency and that it is impacting productivity.

Maybe we could do a tweet and blog post and get some more attention?



What kind of demographic are affected?


Here - The fleet are mostly surface devices running 19H2 (currently being updated) running a version of the remote desktop application which is no more than 4 weeks out of date.


A cloud proxy solution (Forcepoint) but the WVD urls are configured with an exception and logs confirm the traffic isn't being mucked about with.  Windows Defender.  There's also a VPN used to connect the devices to corp infra for AD / SCCM type traffic. 


WVD traffic goes over the internet though.


When doing some tests on a client device, ping local gateway, google DNS and then every hop to the Azure front door - at the point of a disconnection we'd see ping response times go upward of 500ms for every hop outside the network for 10 seconds or so.  


Sometimes the clients would manage to reconnect, other times SSL Verification on the WVD SSL Cert would flag up briefly saying it couldn't verify and then drop the connection entirely.  These are people WFH. Speed tests greater than the minimum required for WVD.


Then to confuse matters we have 50-60 people on BYOD devices who have never reported an issue at all.  The BYOD devices being on 21h1.





Interesting, thanks. The thing that stands out for me here is that "50-60 people on BYOD devices" have not reported an issue. I find it hard to believe that the version of Windows 10 is making the difference. So what is different? If in fact these PCs are not experiencing any problems that suggests it is something about the corporate build rather than a problem with AVD (though it could be a combination). Have you tried disabling Forcepoint and the VPN and seeing if it improves matters (just in case)? Just guessing!
We had to get rid of forcepoint completely to resolve this issue. We moved to Barracuda Cloud Content Control
Thanks for the update