Group policy client service failed the logon access is denied


Helle everyone,

We have been using Windows Virtual Desktop for a few weeks without any problems. Starting from yesterday, some users are getting an error when starting a remote app or desktop when connecting to one specific virtual machine in the host pool. 

The error message they get is 

"Group policy client service failed the logon. Access is denied". 

This shows while logging in to that specific virtual machine in the host pool.


Any possible cause for this?

I know how to fix the problem if it occurs for the users, but I would also like to know what's causing this.


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@Michiel_BE Check that the host hasn't lost its trust relationship with the domain.


Test-ComputerSecureChannel should return True.

I've been looking for a solution to the problem during two days and it wasn't a gpo issue or a certificate either, it was the network policy I disabled it in the NPAS console and users could access to my Remote Apps, I hope this can help so cheers everyone