GPU / NV series sizes available for Virtual Desktop Preview?

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Hi there,


Exploring VDI options for our heavy graphics workloads.  Been trying to create a host pool for the Virtual Desktop Preview.  When I attempt to provision a host pool using the Azure portal the only NV series options I can see are the NV_v2 series.  They were grayed out due to a 0 quota for our subscription.  Thus I opened a quota increase ticket.  


When I received a ticket response the representative said NV_v2 is no longer supported.


Is there another size supported from the NV series for Virtual Desktop?  If so how do I obtain access to provision a host pool in that size? 




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Hi @Mitchell Garner,


The NVv2 series is indeed no longer available.


However, the NV (v1) is still available (as you can see in the screenshot)


The NVv3 is in Preview ( and will become the latest NV serie.
I don't know when these will be GA, but you could ask it in a support case




OK, got it.  Think I may have been looking in an incorrect region.


I also went ahead and did a manual host pool and provisioned an NV and added it manually.  Having issues with the browser opening the port to the machine.


I know documentation says RDP standard port isn't needed, so in Azure I changed the RDP port for system preparation.  Any ideas out there if changing that port may have screwed up the ability of the host pool?


Thanks, Mitch

Hi @Mitchell Garner ,


I don't know if changing the RDP port is messing with your deployment, but could you run a Get-RDSSessionHost cmdlet to check the Status of your Sessionhost? It should say "Available" & UpdateState should say "Succeeded"


If that is OK, and you still get the error, you should check the Get-RdsDiagnosticActivities cmdlet with the -detailed parameter to see what the underlying error is