GitHub ARM Templates update: Increased stability, will be removing unmanaged disks in March


Hi everyone,


Thanks for the continued questions and feedback regarding the service! We have been working hard to take in updates for the GitHub ARM Templates to increase stability of the templates and improve error messaging for self-diagnosis if anything goes wrong. We are also taking in GitHub issues to help folks get back on track for their deployments.


We have also tightened up the logic in the Update template to have the same stability as the Create template, since you all have been asking for a reliable way to update your host pools. We will be working in the future to also document this in our documentation.


Also, starting in March, we will be removing the option to use Unmanaged disks when creating VMs from an image from blob storage. This is to align with the rest of Azure who are moving to Managed disks. If you need this, please take a fork (or download a .zip) of the repo to hold on for your own deployment.


Again, thank you for continued testing and usage. For issues while deploying these, please file a GitHub issue (adding the label for the appropriate tool). If you have general feature suggestions, please file them here at our UserVoice forum. Thanks!

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