Fslogix VirtualDiskAPI::CreateFormattedDisk failed to create vhd(x)

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Hello ,

I deployed a WVD with a Windows 10 version 20H2 image with Fslogix 2.9.7654.46150 with GPOs deployed But I have this error VirtualDiskAPI::CreateFormattedDisk failed to create vhd(x): \\XXXXXXX.file.core.windows.net\fslogixprofiles\XXXXXXXX_S-1-5-21-3933002567-770923868-707460365-6127\Profile_testfslogix.VHDX (The specified file can not be found.) 



Can you help me ?



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Have you added ntfs permissions to the folder if domain joined?

Hi @bassirou 

I followed the christiaanbrinkhoff FSLogix setup with the contributor permssions but also added separate NTFS perms usually the FSLogix profile include/exclude group. as I think i may have had that issue without the contributor rules.


Hello Bassirou,

Hope ur issue resolved. I have encountered same issue recently. After troubleshooting, found this issue can be caused if any restrictions on vlan/network.. Have a look on same if it helps in your case.