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Anyone managed to get any type of FSLogix Support?

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@WelshWizard you can request FsLogix Support through Azure portal. Is there something specific you need help with?

Outlook will sometime fail to launch, hangs on starting and i see the following in the logs.


[INFO] OUTLOOK.EXE: targeting process for Search-feature code injection
[INFO] Injecting user-mode dll to PID 34204 (OUTLOOK.EXE)...
ERROR:00000005] Injection failed. [OUTLOOK.EXE] (Access is denied.)



although I would need more information to be able to answer this question fully, this looks like a permissions issue (access denied), check the permissions on the FSLogix application folder and files.


otherwise you can create a support request


Microsoft is working hard to give you a better support experience, Please bear with our dust for a short time longer. 



Did you ever find an answer? I am having the same problem.




@stormlight - I also have experienced this and I am trying to resolve.  Any luck?