FSLogix service stopping randomly


Is anyone else experiencing FSLogix app service stopping on WVD hosts randomly? We have many scale sets and during the day the FSLogix app service stops and my management agent starts it but no apparent reason for the stop. Does anyone have any idea what is causing it?




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Not entirely sure, but are:
FSLogix antivirus exclusions in place? - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/architecture/example-scenario/wvd/windows-virtual-desktop-fsl...
Its not running out of CPU/RAM resources?

You may have to enable logging to get more visibility - https://admx.help/?Category=FSLogixApps&Policy=FSLogix.Policies::095343fa0c8b70c9a94ece25c0982bc6
Can you see something in the eventlog or in the FSLogix logs?
Might be usefull to use the FSLogix support tool: https://aka.ms/fslogix_support_tool