FSLogix - Profile Container - CORRUPT

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FSLogix Version: 2.9.8171.14983


We are only using the Profile Container in a VDI environment, have set Everyone with Full Control permission to the FSLogix Share and Full Control permission to the security aspect of the FSLogix Folder. Have created a folder called Container in the FSLogix share.

We see the users profile being created in the FSLogix/Container folder and then when the user logs off their session and logs back-on, their profile ends up as CORRUPT_Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 3.35.58 PM.png

Any ideas on why this would be occurring? The Logs do not appear to be giving me any evidence of why and it is plausible I am not looking in the right place or know what I am looking for.

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Does the user have a terminalprofilepath in active directory?

@Daniel_WED_22 No additional Profiles paths anywhere including AD.