FSLogix - Profile Container - CORRUPT

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FSLogix Version: 2.9.8171.14983


We are only using the Profile Container in a VDI environment, have set Everyone with Full Control permission to the FSLogix Share and Full Control permission to the security aspect of the FSLogix Folder. Have created a folder called Container in the FSLogix share.

We see the users profile being created in the FSLogix/Container folder and then when the user logs off their session and logs back-on, their profile ends up as CORRUPT_Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 3.35.58 PM.png

Any ideas on why this would be occurring? The Logs do not appear to be giving me any evidence of why and it is plausible I am not looking in the right place or know what I am looking for.

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Does the user have a terminalprofilepath in active directory?

@Daniel_WED_22 No additional Profiles paths anywhere including AD.

@BarnardosHello, did you find or get any solution to that problem?

We have a user that on attempting to log in gets signed out again without ever seeing the desktop.

In his profile folder the "CORRUPT" files start piling up.

Already deleted the whole profile folder, tried to remove from and add again to the AVD user groups, but still no success.